Cultural Studies:

2007/2008, The Stomachache of Turkish Woman: Virginity, Premarital Sex and Responses to Ongoing Vigilance Over Women's Bodies

2007/2008, Manifestations of Gendercial Trauma in the Short Stories of Kirkor Ceyhan

2008/2009, The Politics of Women's Empowerment: The Transformative Struggles of KAMER and MOR CATI Against Violence

2008/2009, Mothering the Army, Mothering the State: Being a Soldier's Mother in Turkey

2008/2009, Working With and Against Stereotypes: Representations of Honor Among Turkish Immigrant Women in a Migrant Association in Berlin

2009/2010, Mosquitoes, Sex Workers, Nuns and "Our Ignorant Folk": Narratives of HPV Infection and Vaccination Among Turkish Doctors

2010/2011, With(in) Irony Writing as Woman: Tante Rosa and Cüce

2010/2011, New Muslim Male Subjectivities: Masculinities in the Hizmet Movement

2010/2011, Exploring the Intersections: Subordination and Resistance among Kurdish Women in Aydınlı, Tuzla

2010/2011, The Transformation of Women Artists' Representation: A Feminist Analysis of the Historical Narrative and Istanbul Modern's 'New Works New Horizons' Exhibition

2010/2011, Breaking the Silence, Easing the Pain: Efforts, Challenges, and Hopes of Feminist Organizations in Turkey and India Working with Survivors of Incest

2011/2012, From the Immortal Regulator to the Wanna-be Dictator: The Specters of the Father in Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü and Kar

2011/2012, Symbolic Boundaries, Imagined Hierarchies: A Case Study of 'Soviet' Female Domestic Workers in Istanbul

2012/2013, Tracking the Invisible:Queer Approaches to Parenthood and Family in Turkey

2012/2013, Women’s Lived Experiences of Aging: Fragments of Daily Life from a Seniors Centre

2013/2014, The Role of Gender in the Context of ‘Roots’ Migration: Why Do Germany- Born Turkish Women Migrate to Turkey?

2013/2014, The Poetics and Politics of the Uncanny in Sevim Burak’s Works

2013/2014, Gendered Migration, Gendered Affiliations: A Case of Women University Students from Central Asia in the Hizmet Movement in Turkey

2013/2014, Military Masculinities in the Making: Professional Military Education in Contemporary Turkey

2013/2014, Self Perception and Self Definition of Women Working in Private Sector in Managerial Positions

2013/2014, Queer Mothers and Daughters: The Role of Queer Kinship in the Everyday Lives of Trans Sex Worker Women in Istanbul


European Studies

2006/2007, EU Perceptions of Islamist Women from Welfare Party to Justice and Development Party



2011/2012, Female labor Force Participation in Turkey: Debt in Emerging Economies: An Empirical Analysis


Visual Arts

2005/2006, The Rupture in Visual Language: The Transition of Arts in Turkey 1970-1980 and the Woman Artists of the Period  
2006/2007, Representations of Masculinities in the Post-1960s Turkish Cinema
2009/2010, Body in Transition: Cut This Fat Off Of Me! Research on the Visual History of the Body Image and an Attempt to Deconstruct the Hatred in Society towards Fat  
2009/2010, ‘History will teach us nothing’ A Study on Gender, Nationalism and Health in the Context of Performativity 

2012/2013, Why Have There Been No Men Artists, Analyzing Awareness of Masculinities Through the Artworks of Masculinites Through the Artworks of ‘Men’ Artists Post 1990 in Turkey


Political Science

2009, Sexual Politics in Women’s Writing 

2010, A Theoretical Analysis of Social Justice Views of Republican and Islamic Women's Civil Society Organizations in Turkey: Diverging Claims and Contending Traditions 



2004/2005, Üsküdar as the Site for Mosque Complexes of Royal Woman in the 16th Century  
2004/2005, Images of Sexuality in the 16th Century Ottoman Society: Mehmed Gazali's Dafi'ü'l Gumüm 

2005/2006, Gender and War During the Late Ottoman and Early Republican Periods: The Case of Black Fatmas 

2013/2014, Ottoman Women and the State during World War 1 


Conflict Analysis

2005/2006, Gender Justice at Post Conflict Reconstruction: Implemantation of Women's Poltiical Rights at Elections Periods in the Case of Post Conflict Afghanistan 

2011/2012, Perceptions of Transformation, Revolution, Ideology and Gender among Members of Turkish Socialist Movement in the 1970’s 

2012/2013, Delikanlılık (Youth Masculinity) in the Inner City: Everyday Resistance for Survival and Respect  
2013/2014, Trauma of Chechen Refugee Women Living in Istanbul: Meaning Making and Coping Strategies 

Public Policy

2013/2014, Determinants of Women Empowerment with Special Emphasis on Women’s Gender Role Attitudes and Husbands’ Controlling Behaviours