Bilge Demirköz

Dr. Melahat Bilge Demirköz is an Associate Professor and faculty member in METU (Middle Eastern Technical University) Physics Department, and the coordinator of the project “Particle Radiation Tests Creation Laboratory” where innovative materials and electronics are tested by being exposed to the space-level radiation; the project is also supported by the Ministry of Development. This is the first project developed in the scope of Turkey’s associate membership to CERN; the electronics that will be developed for the Large Hadron Collider and for nuclear projects, will be tested in this laboratory, as well as being of service to space industry.


Demirköz, following Robert College, received a B.A. in Physics with minorsin Mathematics and Music from MIT. She also received an M.A from MIT, followed by a Ph.D. from Oxford University, and she completed her post doctorate studies at IFAE Barcelona and Cambridge University. Returning to Turkey in 2011, Demirköz first joined in with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment on the International Space Station, and started the studies on space radiation in METU, and then studied on the calculations of space radiation for our satellites.


Demirköz received many national and international awards, the most recent of which is the 2017 UNESCO-L’Oreal For Women in Science Award.