Education Coordinator

Ezgi Şeref works as the Education Coordinator at SU Gender. Şeref holds a bachelors degree in law from Marmara University and two masters degree from the Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program and the Cultural Studies Program at Sabancı University. Şeref received her PhD in social and cultural thought from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the State University. While working as the coordinator for the law and access to justice field at the Social Policies, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Assocation (SPoD), Şeref conducted multiple projects and organized trainings for lawyers, which intersected gender, sexuaity, and law. In addition, Şeref contirbuted to the project, which focused on preventing discrimination based on gender and sexuality at municipal workplaces in colloboration with the Human Rights Campagin. Şeref’s academic work focuses on the transformation of legal culture and legal pratice in Turkey, professional identity, gender and sexuality.