'Remix Borders'

“Remix Borders” was organized in May 2020 with the support of Sabanci University Gender and Women’s Studies Center of Excellence, as part of the 'Digital Story Map of Migrant Solidarity' project under 'Curious Steps Program'.

The workshop was a reaction to the spectacle that took place on the Turkish-Greek border in March 2020. Following the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers inside Syria in late February, the Turkish state declared that it was no longer going to guard its Western borders against those migrants who wished to cross into Europe. Until Turkey closed down the same borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the media serviced daily images of migrants stuck on this border and the violence inflicted on them. The workshop participants refused to be mere spectators to such images and aimed to disrupt their narratives with remix video methods. At the workshop we learned remix video techniques, that is, the creation of videos by mixing existing audio-visual materials in order to convey new and different meanings. 


Eda Gülçin Çoban / İngilizce Dersi



Kemal Akçe / Mülteciler Günü



Gözde Sezer / Çuval



Deniz Barış / Tehdit



Majd Majd/ Yolculuğumuz



Organizers: Aslı İkizoğlu Erensü, Selen Çatalyürekli

Trainer: Hande Zerkin

Interpreter: Ümit Doğru

Participants: Deniz Barış, Eda Gülçin Çoban, Gözde Sezer, Kemal Akçe, Khaled Tanji, Majd Majd, Nursen ASLAN, Ogultan Güler, Sibel Şengün, Yazan Bayram, Zülfü Melih Aslan

Saturday, June 20, 2020