Mert Fırat

Mert Fırat was born in Ankara in 1981. He studied Radio and Television in Sweden after finishing high school; upon his return, he studied Acting in Ankara University Theatre Department.

Fırat has been a part of many cinema, theatre and tv projects since 2005; his first screenplay was the movie "Başka Dilde Aşk", which he has co-written with İlksen Başarır and in which he had the leading role. This was followed by the movie "Atlıkarınca", of which he was again thescreenwriter.


Fırat, who is among the founders of MODA SAHNESİ, Bursa SANATMAHAL, and DASDAS, has been on the theatre stages since when he was a student. Mert Fırat continues to appear on the stage in MODA SAHNESİ, with the plays "BÜTÜN ÇILGINLAR SEVER BENİ" and "EN KISA GECENİN RÜYASI", as well as “JOSEPH K.” in DASDAS.

Mert Fırat works with various foundations and NGOs on corporate social responsibility issues, and he has ongoing partnerships in two projects. First, he started a new social entrepreneurship project "Sanat Mahal" with his partners in Bursa, which aims to create space for art in the neighborhood and the city. Second, Fırat is among the founders of, and he is actively involved in the design, planning and the implementation of the project.