Nihat Berker

Nihat Berker, Kadir Has University Acting Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Sabancı University Former President (2009-16), MIT Emeritus Professor of Physics, received his double BS in Physics and Chemistry from MIT, his MS and PhD from University of Illinois. After postdoctoral research at Harvard, he was faculty member at MIT in 1979-1999. He returned to Turkey in 1999 and has taught without letup undergraduate, graduate, high school students and open-access courses. He is recipient of the MIT Physics Department Buechner Teaching Prize, Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, Science Award of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey TÜBITAK, Fellowship of the American Physical Society, MIT School of Science Teaching Prize for Excellence in Graduate Education, Outstanding Turkish Scientist Citation of the Academy of Sciences of Turkey, Humboldt Research Award, Best Faculty of the Year Award of KoçPost. He is member of Academy of Sciences of Turkey and Academia Europaea.