“Small Steps Big Games” Project

“Small Steps Big Games Project,” organized under the Grant Project of Sabancı Foundation with the partnership of the Ministry of Justice, Doğuş University, the Foundation of Freedom Again to Turkish Children, and the Association of Civil Society in the Penal System, is aimed at giving psychological support to incarcerated women, strengthening mother-child bond, and increasing public consciousness in women’s prisons in Bakırköy, Denizli, Eskişehir, Adana, and Ankara. 

Sabancı University Gender Forum participated in this multi-faceted project by giving seminars on gender awareness. These seminars were structured around three themes: 

1) Building a common language around the concept of gender

2) Women’s human rights 

3) Prevention of violence against women 

Gender awareness seminars were geared at young girls, women, psychosocial service workers and guards in prison. The Project ended in 2011.