In these difficult days, we, SU Gender, need to discuss the issue of pandemic with a focus on gender. For this reason, we have created a webpage to compile publications and events on the subject and to share our announcements. We will make regular posts from our social media accounts with the hashtag #GenderPandemic on the subject.

 We invite you to join us and to grow hope and solidarity together!

On the Pandemic and Gender

This is the article by Hülya Adak, Director of SU Gender, in which she discusses the pandemic and gender issues, and tells SU Gender's experiences regarding the current period.


This is where you can find the announcements of theupcoming events and publications related to the pandemic and gender.

Related Publications and Events

You can use this section to access many articles, videos, podcasts, and other publications on the pandemic, gender, solidarity and hope.

Information on Sexual Harassment, Gender-based Violence and Trauma

On this page, you can find the phone numbers you can call anywhere across Turkey, the phone numbers of the emergency hotlines operated by women and LGBTI+ organizations, and other information about the relevant units of the bar associations and municipalities.

If you would like to contribute to the above topics, you can send an e-mail to