The Purple Certificate Program aims to contribute to the elimination of gender-based discrimination by raising awareness on gender equality among high school teachers. In this context, the program conducts work with high school teachers in cities throughout Turkey to promote gender awareness and gender equality in schools, classrooms, class activities and educational materials.

The objective of the Purple Certificate Program is to build a culture of gender awareness among high school teachers and students, to reflect this awareness in class activities, and thus create wider transformation in the educational sphere. Within the scope of the Program, Purple Folders, which are developed to provide gender-sensitive in-class materials, and certificate programs geared at students at faculties of education, civil society organizations and high school students help us widen our reach.

Working together with young people, the Curious Steps: Gender and Memory Walks program seeks to present alternative gender-informed perspectives on the historical, social and political relations that shape the city in which we live. How are silences in memory reflected in the city’s streets, parks and spaces? How does gender shape our perception and experience of the city, as well as collective memory? Through the walks, workshops, and talks organized as part of Curious Steps since 2014, with the support of Chrest Foundation and Istanbul Policy Center, we seek to better understand the connections between gender, memory, and place, and to open new windows to the city and to ourselves. 


Cins Adımlar: Toplumsal Cinsiyet ve Hafıza Yürüyüşleri

Would you like to do research and create new walks with us in these districts, which have an important history in terms of gender and cultural diversity, in order to reconstruct the individual and historical memory of the city we live in?

If you are interested, you can write to

How can we increase our individual and social awareness in order to make our work on gender awareness sustainable? What is the relationship between individual and social transformation? How can we transform situations that hinder our co-creation and co-creation practices, such as fatigue and burnout? The Transformative Activism program, which we started to run in 2017, brings together gender-focused activists and civil society volunteers to seek common answers to these questions through the body, awareness, and art studies.


As a part of SU Gender’s Gender Equality Program (GEP), we carry out research, training and implementation activities in order to develop gender equality mechanisms in all kinds of institutions, especially in universities. Among the key issues that must be addressed for gender equality to be mainstreamed and institutionalized are representation, decision-making processes, career development, work-life balance, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender-based discrimination and violence. The program approaches the transformation of institutions towards gender equality in a holistic manner. It develops gender equality activities that respond to corporate needs, while also undertaking activities to transform social norms and roles.