SU Gender’s ProGender+ Program, as the first university-based Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program in Turkey, is geared toward professionals and the corporate world. With a focus on gender, diversity, and inclusion, ProGender+ offers tailored training programs, workshops, lectures, webinars, consulting, advisory and administrative support for corporations and employees at all levels (including CHROs, CFOs, CEOs, and Board Members). 

The training programs and consulting in English and Turkish on Gender Equality in the Workplace include Inclusive Leadership, Feminist Leadership, Gender Bias Busting, Sexual Violence and Harassment, Inclusive Language and Communication Skills in the Workplace, Developing Gender Action Plans, Constructing an Inclusive Organizational Culture, Gender and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Struggling against Inequalities during the Pandemic & Teleworking, and Diversity Management. Furthermore, through our consulting services at ProGender+,  we guide the launching of “Diversity and Inclusion Units” in companies and organizations.

The ProGender+ Team aided many institutions on their journey toward gender equality, diversity and inclusion by providing guidance in writing guidebooks, developing gender action plans, leading social media campaigns, and spearheading literature, theater, and film festivals on gender and diversity. Most institutions included in ProGender+’s network endorsed SU Gender’s scholarship fund, mainstreamed gender equality workshops to all employees in their institutions, and worked creatively with us to develop new and innovative roadmaps on our mutual journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Our trainings are delivered by faculty members at Sabancı University as well as experts in the field of gender equality, law, human rights, and policy-making. Our trainings and workshops emphasize creative pedagogies, such as role-play, mock interviews, and case studies. 




- Gender 101: Introduction to Gender - Familiarisation with Basic Concepts & Coping with Prejudices and Discrimination (Webinar & Workshop)

- Gender Discrimination in Language and in the Media (Webinar & Workshop)

- Gender Discrimination in the Workplace (Webinar & Workshop)

- Violence Against Women and Mechanisms Necessary for Prevention (Webinar & Workshop)

- Pandemic Inequalities in the Workplace: Teleworking (Workshop)

- Content Design Workshop for Awareness-Raising (Webinar & Workshop)

- Legal Aspects of Violence (Webinar & Workshop)

- Good Examples in Gender Equality: Inclusive Corporate Policies (Webinar & Workshop)

- Myths of Gender (Webinar & Workshop)

- The COVID 19 Pandemic and Social Inequalities: Gender, Health, Class, Age (Webinar)

- Inclusive Leadership (Webinar & Workshop)

- Toward an Inclusive Organizational Culture (Webinar & Workshop)

- Inclusive Language (Webinar, Lecture, and/or Workshop)

- Narrative Thinking for the Corporate World (Webinar & Workshop) 

- Discussing the Applications of the Istanbul Convention in Turkey and Beyond (Webinar)

- Seeking Justice and Resolution in Cases of Crisis, Conflict, and Discrimination

- Cyberviolence

- Discrimination in the Daylight (Workshop)

- Discussing Our Own Complicity (Workshop) 

- Interviewing Methods (Do’s and Don’ts of Bias-free Interviewing for Interviewers) (Workshop)

- Glass Ceiling Discrimination (Workshop)


**All of these courses and workshops can be tailored to the specific good practices, action plans, inequalities that arose with the Future of Work concept. 




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The collaborative networks of the ProGender+ Program include


- Akbank & Akbank Akademi,

- AkçanSA,

- AstraZeneca,

- Avon,

- Baker & McKenzie,

- Barilla,

- Borçelik, 

- Borusan,

- Brisa,

- Business Against Domestic Violence,

- Doğadan,

- Eczacıbaşı,

- EnerjiSA Üretim,

- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,

- Google,

- Henkel,

- Kordsa,

- Medtronic,

- Mercedes Benz,

- Reckitt Benckiser, 

- Raoul Wallenberg Institute,

- SabancıDx,

- Sabanci Holding,

- Sabancı University Human Resources,

- Sabancı University Executive Development Unit,

- Türkiye İş Bankası,

- Unilever,

- Vodafone,



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