The report “Gender Equality Mechanisms in Higher Education Institutions in Turkey: A Primary Evaluation Study” completed in conjunction with Research Worldwide Istanbul and with the support of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute has been published. The first concrete outcome of the productive collaboration that SU Gender has been undertaking since 2017 with Research Worldwide Istanbul and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, this study is also the first publication of SU Gender’s Gender Equality Program (GEP). Within the scope of GEP, SU Gender carries out research, trainings and implementation activities in order to develop gender equality mechanisms in all kinds of institutions, especially in universities. The program approaches the transformation of institutions towards gender equality in a holistic manner; it develops gender equality activities that respond to corporate needs, while also undertaking activities to transform social norms and roles.

In the report “Gender Equality Mechanisms in Higher Education Institutions in Turkey: A Primary Evaluation Study,” authors Zeynep Gülru Göker (SU Gender) and Aslı Polatdemir (Bremen University) analyze the studies conducted in eight universities towards ensuring gender equality from the perspective of expert opinions, and include the following: 

·       Overall assessment pieces authored by Zeynep Gülru Göker and Aslı Polatdemir based on the workshop titled “Gender Equality Mechanisms in Universities and Examples of Institutionalization,” and organized in partnership with Research Worldwide Istanbul in November 2018. 

·       An evaluation piece by SU Gender director Ayşe Gül Altınay on the historical development of gender equality mechanisms currently present at Sabancı University and on the work conducted by SU Gender on the topic. 

·       An evaluation piece by Hilal Gençay, the program manager for Research Worldwide Istanbul’s Gender and Human Rights Education Program, on the discussions and suggestions for the establishment of gender equality mechanisms in universities and ways to achieve sustainability.