In SU Gender, we have felt the need to discuss the issue of pandemic with a focus on gender in these challenging days. Thus, with #GenderPandemic, we carried out a monitoring project covering both Turkey and the international arena with many activities, including research, opinion articles, reports, advocacy activities that discuss the issue of pandemic with a focus on gender.

The monitoring report, written by the Center's assistants Aslı Aygüneş and Oğuz Can Ok, is the harvest of the monitoring work we carried out for six months from March to September. In this report, we have tried to compile under four main headings how the pandemic was experienced, the solutions produced against the problems and the areas that are currently waiting for a solution/solidarity: (1) Gender-Based Inequalities in the Shadow of the Pandemic, (2) Gender-Based Violence and the Pandemic, (3) Access to Rights and the Pandemic, (4) Economic Freedoms and the Pandemic.

Under these main headings, we examine the different aspects of gender perspective, experiences of gender inequalities, and gender equality advocacy during the pandemic. We refer to the data collection studies on violence against women and LGBTI+ individuals, the gender-related problems faced by individuals during their access to health and education, the economic inequalities experienced during the pandemic, and the quick solutions produced for the solution of these problems and policy recommendations for the permanent solution of these problems. Click to Access the Report