SU Gender organizes an international webinar series focusing on sexual harassment, gender-based violence, diversity and inclusion inside and outside the university. We organized 9 webinars in 2020 as part of this series "Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination: Research, Action, Narrativization", where we aimed to listen to the experiences of various universities, research centers and non-governmental organizations. In these meetings we organized in May to December, 17 people from 15 universities gave speeches and over 700 people in total participated as listeners.

You can access the past videos of the discussions held so far as part of the webinar series with Turkish subtitles on SU Gender YouTube channel. The discussion topics are provided below:

Sexual Harassment and Violence in Academia: the German Case/ Heike Pantelmann, Director of Gender Studies at FU Berlin MvBZ

Sexual Harassment and Violence in U.S. Higher Education: Lots of Harm, Lots of Process, Little Accountability/ Elizabeth Armstrong, University of Michigan

 Writing Gender Based Violence into Essay Tales: Questions of Entitlement and Limited Knowledge/ Rela Mazali,

The Feminist Playbook for Winning Back Title IX: A Focus on Title IX Anti-Harassment Law in U.S. Higher Education by Jessica Cabrera, University of California, Irvine

A Step Forward on the Reality of Sexual Harassment in Universities: Sexual Consent and Second Order of Sexual Harassment/ Ana Vidu, University of Deusto


Turning Research into Practice: Examining and Policy-making on Sexism and Gender-Based Violence at a Hungarian University/ Aniko Gregor, ELTE University, Budapest

Struggling With Sexual Harassment and Assault in Turkey: The Case of Universities / Aslı Şimşek (Atılım Univ.), Cemre Baytok (Boğaziçi University), Seda Kalem (Istanbul Bilgi University), Sema Sancak (Van Yüzüncü Yıl University), Umut Azak (Okan Univ.)

Cyberflashing: Recognising Harms and Reforming Laws / Clare McGlynn, Durham University

Struggling With Sexual Harassment and Assault in Turkey: The Universities and Civil Society / Umut Beşpınar, Yıldız Ecevit (METU), Hilal Esmer (Association for Combating Sexual Violence), Ufuk Sezgin (Istanbul University), Gülriz Uygur (Ankara University)