The rich legacy of Şirin Tekeli, who had conducted pioneering work on democracy, academic freedom, gender equality, and feminism since the 1980s, has shed light on the path of many researchers, academics and activists. We have been organizing the Şirin Tekeli Research Award to contribute to the preservation, sharing and diversification of this heritage, and the winners of the 2019 Award have been announced. We would like to thank all the participants who shared their valuable research proposals.


Sezen Bayhan, Canan Aratemur Çimen, The Evolution of Gendered-Militarized Construction of National Identity in Curricula and Textbooks

Zeynep Selen Artan-Bayhan, The "Other" Women of Darülbedayi: Theater and Social Memory from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic


Burcu Nur Binbuğa-Kınık, Women's Struggle Against Mining from an Ecofeminist Perspective

Derya Acuner, Memory Recorded with a Needle and Thread: Looking at the History of Turkey using the Fabric Works of Turkish Women Artists (1980-2019)

Pınar Karababa, Intersecting and Evolving Forms of Women's Labor: Examples of Silk Carpet and Kutnu Weaving

Merve Koç, Experiences of Masculinity in the Normative Body: The Discourse of Hegemonic Masculinity and Dwarf Men

Özlem Ezer, The Religion and Beliefs Living in The Narratives of Syrian Refugee Women