As ACCTING project team at SU Gender, we attended the project kick-off on 15 and 16 February with the excitement of working together with 12 institutions from 34 countries for the next 3 years, producing knowledge and innovations for an inclusive and equal EU Green Deal. We also launched our project activities in Turkey with two workshops on May 26. Our EU Horizon 2020 project, ACCTING (AdvanCing behavioral change Through an INclusive Green deal) aims to understand how both climate change and policy responses to climate change (at local, national, and transnational levels) deepen and reproduce social inequalities and to learn from the inspiring examples happening on the ground, often with the initiative of marginalized groups such as women, the younger generation, Roma, nomads, and the LGBTQI+s. The first workshop was on disasters and biodiversity, and the second was on food security and values. In this first cycle of the project, both workshops aimed at a) meeting with experts, activists, and NGO representatives working in these fields in Turkey and b) introducing the project as a whole and collecting advice and recommendations for the identification of inspiring initiatives or examples of local bottom-up sustainable practices facilitating behavioral change relevant to vulnerable or marginalized groups. Participants included academics from Istanbul University, Adıyaman University, Erzincan University, Kadir Has University, Sabancı University, and Boğaziçi University, as well as representatives from various NGOs such as, Green Thought Association, Yolda Initiative, Nature Protection Association, ÇEKÜL Foundation, and independent activists and entrepreneurs. We will also continue meeting with academics, institutions, and initiatives within the scope of ACCTING during the project. For more information and questions, please write to