Cultural Studies Speaker Series & SU Gender Webinar

April 12, 2023, 5.30 pm (GMT+3)

Zoom ID: 950 1091 1740

"Mapping the Masculinities of White-Collar Men in the Home Kitchen"

Oğuz Can Ok

Time use surveys and other quantitative data show that women in Turkey continue to perform unpaid domestic work at a higher rate than men. Based on these data, it appears that the kitchen is a major site of unequal distribution of unpaid domestic labor. Literature frequently emphasizes how social norms, particularly the role of women as the feeder of the family, contribute to this inequality. On the other hand, despite limited data, men's kitchen participation is rising. Men's these behaviors in the kitchen that can be considered out of the norm may be more egalitarian or they may be maneuvers that may hide and deepen inequalities. This study investigates the dynamics of this debate by focusing on the masculinities of Turkish white-collar men who take active responsibility in home kitchens and cooking.  

Oğuz Can OK graduated from Bilkent University with a BA in Political Science and Public Administration in 2016. In 2018, he received his MA in Political Science from Bilkent University with his thesis entitled, "Rethinking the Relations between the State and Civil Society in Turkey: An Analysis on Migrant Health". He started his doctoral studies at Sabancı University Gender Studies Program in the same year. During his undergraduate and graduate studies, he took part in various academic research projects conducted in the fields of gender, migration and civil society. He continues his doctoral research on the relationship between food and gender within the context of critical studies on men and masculinities. He is currently working as a Gender Equality Expert at Özyeğin University and is also a member of the Critical Masculinity Studies Initiative (EEİİ-ICSM).

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