Organizing one-week training programs spread over a year with the purpose of disseminating awareness related to gender equality in formal education, preparing supportive curriculum materials sensitive to gender equality, and carrying out dissemination activities by visiting cities in different regions of Turkey, the Purple Certificate Program is currently performing many of its activities online due to the pandemic conditions.

In this context, teachers and prospective teachers actively participated in the one-week online training program organized between 17-22 August 2020. In order to facilitate the participation in the program and reduce screen fatigue, various participant-centered and art-based activities were also carried out during the program. The most important advantage of organizing the program online was the significantly increase in the access of disabled participants and convenient participation in the program especially for people who have not previously applied for the program as they have home care obligations. Participants who had difficulties with access to the internet and a computer were offered financial support for access to these tools.