Queerfeminist Humor Workshop!

March 11, 10.30-12.30 CET

GEARING Roles Humorarium Event

Gender Equality in Academia: Responding to Resistance with Queerfeminist Humor

Introduction by María López Belloso

Queerfeminist Humor Workshop by Aslı Alpar, Melis Yılmaz, Bartu Akyürek

In this workshop we will talk about what we consider as humor and the brief history of humor, look at some examples of queerfeminist humor from Turkey and other countries, and touch upon the difference between humor and funny to discuss what kind of humor we stand up for. We will then draw cartoons based on issues of gender equality in academia and responding to resistance through humor. You don't need to have previous experience of drawing cartoons and this workshop is open to all and free. Register here: bit.ly/queerfeministhumor