Zeynep Ceren Eren Benlisoy

Project Specialist

Dr. Eren Benlisoy graduated from the Department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University. Her Ph.D. thesis focuses on how the process of rural transformation in Turkey has been restructured by the dynamic of gender. She explored the participation of peasant-workers women into paid labor based on their working experiences and practices at a large-scale and export-oriented greenhouse in Western Anatolia. She currently works as a postdoc researcher based in Turkey at Kadir Has University, on the Migration & Displacement stream within the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub and as a researcher at the WHOLECOMM Project at Gender and Women's Studies Excellence Center, Sabancı University. Her research focuses on the gendered dynamics of labor migration, the experiences of refugees and migrants living in the small and medium size cities as well as forced migration and displacement in Turkey based on critical and feminist theories. Her areas of interests are gender; agri-food relations; rural transformation; migration; women labor; ethnography and politics of neoliberalism.