Assistant of SU Gender

Berfin Çiçek is a Master’s student of the Cultural Studies department at Sabancı University and a research assistant at SU Gender and Women’s Studies Center for Excellence. She completed her undergraduate studies of Comparative Literature at Koç University with an Honors thesis “Telling the Memories of Massacre: Trauma and Testimony from Dersim’s 38”. She is currently working on her MA thesis titled “Politics of Resistance in Modern Iranian Literature: Trauma, Memory and the Limits of Subjectivities”. Her previous presentations and works appeared at organizations by American Comparative Literature Association’s Annual Meeting in 2021, Turkologentag European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, UPenn’s Liberal Arts Collective, NYU’s creative writing journal, and the British Association for Holocaust Studies. Her article “Metaphors of Mental Unrests: Making Subjectivity and Resistance in Modern Iranian Film and Fiction” was published in Monograf Journal in January. She is specifically interested in comparative modernisms and Turkish and Iranian literatures.